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The Haul-All Group of Companies

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Haul-All Equipment specializes in the design, manufacture, sale and support of waste and recycling systems including storage containers, collection vehicles and transfer stations.

Haul-All is an innovative company with over 30 patents and trademarks to its name. We like to joke that, we're not sure if Haul-All is a manufacturing company that has an outstanding engineering department or an engineering company that happens to manufacture! This is because we offer exceptional quality while also being known for pioneering many firsts in the industry.

At Haul-All Equipment, we have a well established research and development department dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the problems of waste, recycling and organics management.

For example, Haul-All pioneered the design of bear/ animal resistant waste containers. Many companies in the industry now use our legendary gravity-assisted "bear-proof" latch. Haul-All was also a pioneer in the design and promotion of one-man side loading collection vehicles. The concept of our famous Model 10 is still used today and marketed as the M-Class multi-purpose truck, the most versatile collection vehicle on the market. Haul-All also pioneered a low cost regional transfer system known as the Transtor. Combined with a high compaction transfer trailer, the Transtor system achieves operational efficiency and the lowest life cycle cost under many regional transfer scenarios.

Haul-All is also known for its aesthetic designs. A perfect example is the Hid-A-Bag. So unique and recognizable is the shape, the Hid-A-Bag has been awarded a trade-mark in Canada and the United States. It even has its own fan club...seriously! Interested in joining? Click here.

Haul-All's sales department is also unique - we focus on finding solutions that are right for you. We won't sell you something unless it makes sense. To achieve this, our team is always ready to provide financial models of anticipated capital and operating expenses. These models take into consideration variables such as - material density - anticipated volumes - size of collection vehicle - hauling distance - commodity values - interest rates and depreciation.

In addition to the sale and support of products manufactured at Haul-All Equipment, we also offer sales and support of products manufactured by BearSaver, Securr, Curbtender, Multi-Lift and SwapLoader.

With over 35 years of experience in the waste industry, we look forward to setting industry standards in the years to come.

Sure Flame Products began building construction heaters in 1964. Since then it has grown to become a leader in the construction heater industry. The product line now includes indirect and direct fired heaters, hand-held propane torches, fans, and explosion-proof blowers.

Sure Flame remains on the cutting edge of the construction heater industry, with an engineering team dedicated to constant improvement and innovation. At Sure Flame, we pride ourselves on a proven track record of building safe, tough, and reliable equipment that has been designed to withstand the demands of rugged construction sites and harsh weather.

We utilize advanced combustion theory and principles to develop and manufacture the best performing and most efficient heaters available today. At Sure Flame, we pride ourselves on a proven track record of building safe, tough and reliable products.

Sure Flames record of achievements and safety has made our products the preferred choice in both the construction and equipment rental industries.

EXTREME Modular Buildings is a privately owned Canadian company that can trace its origins back to the late 1990s. It's first official name was One4Haul. In 2015 it changed its name to EXTREME Portable Buildings to reflect more accurately the flagship product. The largest, most durable, most heavy duty, truly portable structure in the industry.

In the late 2000s the company's focus evolved to include a similar factory built product, that was intended for permanent installations of multiple units that were site connected to create larger complete structures. The unique size and robust nature of the EPB ushered in a new era for modular construction that focused on commercial / municipal facilities instead of the traditional residential and retail occupancies. The companies name was updated once again.

EMB manufactures from a 100,000 sq.ft facility located in Lethbridge, Canada and installs modular structures throughout Canada and the US.



The EXTREME Modular concept originated when a design engineer, working at a remote Northern Canadian mine site decided that they needed a place to work outside of the elements that was large enough to maintain heavy equipment but was still portable and relatively quick to install. The first or what we refer to as the Generation 1 – EXTREME Portable Building was born. It was a 40' long x 16' wide x 19' tall steel and aluminum frame on a super heavy duty structural steel skid. The roof was raised and lowered mechanically so that up to 16' tall vehicles could drive right in. It was totally self contained with a diesel generator, insulation, heating and electrical system. Some even came with a built in 4 ton gantry style crane. It could be set up in few hours. Every one of these Gen 1 units are still in operation in Canada's natural resource sector and many of the features are still available in EXTREME Modulars industrial units.

During an economic down turn, EXTREME expanded its offering to include portable training facilities for remote communities. The Generation 2 buildings were designed to accommodate a variety of apprenticeship training programs that were sponsored by community colleges and technical institutions. A 50' long building option was added along with an upgraded transport system, enhanced hydraulics and HVAC systems. The next evolution came about when an industrial customer asked EXTREME to customize the existing design to accommodate an industrial fire station on their site. This prompted the development of connected units, a low roof model for non-vehicle applications and eventually the first truly "modular" EXTREME buildings.

Firefighters returning from the remote sites brought the idea of modular fire stations back to their communities. It soon became apparent that a modular fire station could be an ideal solution for many communities with aging infrastructure and limited budgets. The building designs would however need to be updated to accommodate national building codes for urban facilities with living quarters. When these modifications were incorporated the Generation 3 model was introduced. It included all the necessary facilities associated with the apparatus bays and living quarters of a modern urban fire station.

With the success of the Gen 3 station design EXTREME was encouraged to develop a Generation 4 concept with less emphasis on portability and more on permanent modular installations with features that would meet or exceed those of most site built stations. This included premium interiors, architecturally enhanced, energy efficient exteriors and state of the art low emission HVAC systems. While EXTREME Modular buildings are designed as a permanent installation with an estimated fifty year lifespan, leasing, relocations, resale and repurposing of the structure are still possible. EXTREME Modular is available to facilitate these options.

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