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Procurement Made Easy

Standing Offers for Government Teams

Efficient Procurement

Whether you're seeking to streamline the acquisition of essential goods or aiming to enhance the operational efficiency of your public spaces with market leading bear-proof garbage bins, standing offers present an optimal solution. Designed for provincial, state, and federal bodies, our standing offers at Haul-All simplify the procurement process, ensuring you get what you need, when you need it, without the hassle of traditional bidding wars. Dive into the world of standing offers with Haul-All and transform your procurement strategy today!

  • Streamlined Procurement: Access goods and services quickly through pre-negotiated standing offers.

  • Cost Savings: Benefit from competitive pricing and lower administrative costs.

  • Customized Solutions: Whether it's a national or regional need, we have a standing offer that fits.

  • Quality Products: Our bear-proof garbage bins are designed to meet the stringent needs of public spaces.

  • Expert Guidance: Our team specializes in navigating standing offers to make your procurement process as smooth as possible.

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Discover the Benefits of Standing Offers for Your Government Procurement Needs

Navigating government procurement can be a complex process, but with standing offers, you have a streamlined and efficient path to accessing the goods and services your department or agency requires. At Haul-All, we specialize in providing top-quality bear-resistant garbage bins through standing offers, making procurement for provincial, state, and federal bodies not only easier but also more cost-effective.

What Are Standing Offers?

Standing offers are not contracts in the traditional sense but pre-negotiated agreements that outline the provision of goods or services at predetermined prices and terms. These become binding contracts only when your government entity issues a call-up against them. This unique arrangement offers unmatched flexibility and speed in meeting your recurring needs.

Types of Standing Offers for Enhanced Accessibility

Depending on your specific needs and geographical location, various types of standing offers are available:

  • National Master Standing Offer (NMSO): Ideal for departments or agencies requiring uniform services across Canada and USA.

  • Regional Master Standing Offer (RMSO): Best suited for localized needs within a specific geographic area.

  • National and Regional Individual Standing Offers (NISO/RISO): Tailored for distinct departments or agencies, whether on a national or regional scale.

  • Departmental Individual Standing Offer (DISO): Specifically utilized by PSPC for dedicated departmental and agency needs.

The Strategic Advantages of Opting for Standing Offers

  1. Efficiency at Your Fingertips: With standing offers, you benefit from pre-set prices and terms, ensuring that procurements are processed quickly and seamlessly.

  2. Simplified Processes: Experience reduced paperwork and administrative efforts, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Enjoy lower administrative costs and competitive pricing, leading to significant savings for your department or agency.

  4. Unmatched Flexibility: The ability to procure varying quantities as needed offers unparalleled flexibility, ensuring you're always prepared.

  5. Guaranteed Availability: Our standing offers with multiple suppliers mean you'll have consistent access to essential goods and services, like our bear-proof garbage bins.

Why Choose Haul-All for Your Standing Offers?

Haul-All stands at the forefront of supplying bear-proof garbage bins to government bodies, ensuring your public spaces remain safe and clean. Our expertise in navigating standing offers means we can offer you the best products efficiently and cost-effectively.


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