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"Large Food Locker Storage"

Bear proof food locker



Fairmont Hotel
BC Government
Toronto Zoo
Bearproof food locker
Bear Resistant Food Storage
Food locker for park

Large Format Food Storage

Bear Resistant Latch

User Lockage for Security

The Cabinet: Versatile High-Capacity Storage

The Cabinet offers an innovative solution for high-volume storage needs, designed specifically for communal areas like campground cook shelters. Its modular design is available in two, four, or six compartments, allowing for flexible configurations side-by-side or back-to-back, enhancing space efficiency and storage capacity.

With each compartment boasting a generous 20 cubic feet (566 liters) of space and the option to include an interior folding shelf, the Cabinet is tailored to accommodate a wide range of storage requirements. This design not only maximizes usability but also adapts to various settings, ensuring a seamless fit into your community space or project.

Discover the Cabinet's potential to transform and optimize storage in central locations, providing a tidy, organized, and accessible solution for large-scale storage demands.






Speak with a specialist to discuss your use case and all available options

Durability & Longevity

Our containers have an expected lifecycle exceeding 30 years to ensure your investment pays dividends over the long term and keeps maintenance to a minimum. 

This '27 Years Old' example is of our Hid-A-Bag model featuring liquid paint, before we switched to our superior powder paint method for greater durability and longevity. 

Bear Resistant Bin
Available in Canada and USA

Available Across North America

Haul-All is proud to serve both USA and Canada.

No matter if you are in California, to Montana, to Nova Scotia, Ontario or BC, we are available to you across North America.

Manufacturer of Waste & Recycling Containers

Servicing municipal, industrial and commercial customers, we offer you a strategic competitive advantage that often changes the market.

Haul-All Factory in Canada

Production Process

Our 65,000 sq/ft, vertically integrated manufacturing facility has been developed from the ground up to ensure efficient timelines, exceptional quality control and controllable cost.

Bear Proof or

Bear Resistant?

Are you in search of Bear Proof bins, only to find that we promote Bear Resistant bins instead? Here's why: Our Bear Resistant containers undergo rigorous testing by the IGBC, involving real bears, to ensure the highest level of resistance. However, due to the potential for human error—such as not securing the bins properly—there remains a slight chance that bears could access the contents. This is why we accurately describe our products as Bear Resistant rather than Bear Proof, emphasizing our commitment to transparency and the effectiveness of our solutions in wildlife management.

Bears in Park
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