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Side Load Truck Background

"The Swiss Army Knife of Parks"

M-Class Side Load Truck



Alberta Parks

Under CDL (Class 5 License)

Low 32" loading height

Multi-purpose options


Multi-Stream, Multi-Function

The M-Class is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available to parks, public works and solid waste departments, refuse collection and disposal businesses anywhere. It is available in five body sizes ranging from 14 to 22 cubic yards capacity with an optional split body and side dump for multi-stream collection.

Does More

With a wide array of available optional equipment like the cart-dumper arm, bucket-mounted cart and barrel dumpers for semi-automated poly cart collection; hydraulic crane for bulky items and servicing in-ground containers; litter loader hydraulic vacuum to suck up litter, leaves and other debris; chipper door tailgate for collection from a wood chipper; on-board pressure washer for cleanup on route... It is easy to see how this truck just does more.

And for even more yet, the M-Class body can be mounted on a hook-lift frame for fleet utilization! The chassis can collect roll-off bins or mount other hook-lift bodies like a water tank, sander/ spreader, flat deck, dump body, and our hook-lift Recycle Ranger.

M-Class Low Loading Height
M-Class by Haul-All
Haul-All Truck
M-Class truck with pressure washer

Simple Operation and Maintenance

The M-Class is designed with safety and simplicity in mind, making it easy for operators to do their job safely. Optional right-hand drive is available on most chassis enabling the operator to safely collect curbside containers with the flow of traffic. When the M-Class is mounted on a single axle 19500# GVWR chassis, the operator does not require a commercial driver license (CDL).

Purchase our Preventative Maintenance kit with M-Class for everything you need to keep the body running smoothly for two years and an additional one year of factory warranty.

Mastering Versatility

Enhance your fleet with our diverse selection of truck bodies, tailored precisely to your application. We take pride in being a manufacturer that provides the option to modify Ford F550, F600, F650 chassis for dual-steering capability. Experience unparalleled efficiency and versatility with North America's premier public works truck.


M-Class Features

Features of M-Class

ML-Class Features

Features of M-Class truck

Compact & adaptable

Facility maintenance crews love the compact size & versatility of the M-Class, it allows them to access spaces traditional garbage trucks can not. The low loading height and optional litter loader vacuum make event clean-up a breeze. 

Sports facilities, arenas, rural remote First Nation communities, the M-Class can be built for your needs.

North America Side Load Trucks

Available Across North America

Haul-All is proud to serve both USA and Canada.

We have trucks out in the field serving customers from rural remote First Nations in Canada to Sports Facilities in Nebraska. 

Manufacturer of the premier side load compact trucks

Servicing municipal, industrial and commercial customers, we offer you a strategic competitive advantage that often changes the market.

Hook-Lift on M-Class
Curbtender Titan

Curbtender dealer for Alberta

As passionate believers that focusing our manufacturing efforts on versatile side load trucks, offering above standard  customer service, we have partnered with Curbtender to offer Albertans trucks outside of our manufacturing focus.

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