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National Park Scene

"Modular Food Storage"

Food Lockers



Calgary, Alberta
Alberta Parks
BC Government
Banff, Alberta
1-5 Modules (2-10 Doors)
Food Lockers in a park

Modular Sizing System

Bear Resistant Food Storage

User Lockable for Security

The Trailhead: Elevated Secure Storage

The Trailhead brings an innovative storage solution with its modular two-compartment design, elevated on a frame stand to protect against animals and insects. Offering a generous capacity of 14 cubic feet (396 liters) per locker, it's designed to keep food and valuables secure with a robust padlock pin feature.

Appreciated for its practicality and ability to safeguard contents, the Trailhead also offers modular sizing to suit various community and project needs. Whether it's enhancing security in campgrounds or providing additional storage in outdoor settings, the Trailhead adapts to your unique requirements.

Discover the versatility and security of the Trailhead for an optimal storage solution in your community or project.





Speak with a specialist to discuss your use case and all available options

Durability & Longevity

Our containers have an expected lifecycle exceeding 30 years to ensure your investment pays dividends over the long term and keeps maintenance to a minimum. 

This '27 Years Old' example is of our Hid-A-Bag model featuring liquid paint, before we switched to our superior powder paint method for greater durability and longevity. 

Bear Resistant Bin
Map of Canada and USA

Available Across North America

Haul-All is proud to serve both USA and Canada.

No matter if you are in California, to Montana, to Nova Scotia, Ontario or BC, we are available to you across North America.

Bear Proof or

Bear Resistant?

Are you in search of Bear Proof bins, only to find that we promote Bear Resistant bins instead? Here's why: Our Bear Resistant containers undergo rigorous testing by the IGBC, involving real bears, to ensure the highest level of resistance. However, due to the potential for human error—such as not securing the bins properly—there remains a slight chance that bears could access the contents. This is why we accurately describe our products as Bear Resistant rather than Bear Proof, emphasizing our commitment to transparency and the effectiveness of our solutions in wildlife management.

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