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"Bear Resistant Front Loader"

Bear proof dumpster



bearproof dumpster

Auto Release Unloading Door

Bear Latch Loading Doors

Designed for Durability & Longevity

Introducing the CFL6: Front Load Commercial Bin - A Model of Efficiency and Security

Accessible and User-Friendly Design


The CFL6, with its 39" low loading height, ensures ease of access for all users. This front load bin, available in both Front Load/Rear Unload and Front Load/Front Unload configurations, features a user-friendly gravitational latching door with spring assist and an auto-release unloading door, making it a paragon of convenience and practicality in waste management.

Robust and Long-Lasting Build


Constructed with galvanneal steel panels and stainless steel hinges, the CFL6 is designed for extended durability. The high gloss, durable finish achieved through the powder paint process enhances its longevity and visual appeal, ensuring it withstands the rigors of commercial use.

Innovative Impact Resistance


Equipped with a Crosstube Bumper, the CFL6 offers superior impact resistance, further extending the life of the bin. This feature is essential for maintaining the bin's integrity and functionality in high-traffic or high-impact environments.

Simplified Delivery and Assembly


The CFL6 is delivered fully assembled or nested to minimize freight costs, offering economic advantages. The nested units are easy to assemble, ensuring that setting up the bin is as efficient as the bin itself. With dimensions of 1,867 mm (73-1/2 inches) in length and 2,083 mm (82 inches) in width, and a capacity of 4.6 cubic meters (6 cubic yards), the CFL6 combines size with functionality, making it an ideal choice for a variety of commercial settings






Speak with a specialist to discuss your use case and all available options

"This single product has done more to save the lives of bears and people than any single thing I can think of"

Dr. Steven Herrero, Bear Biologist

Map of Canada and USA

Available Across North America

Haul-All is proud to serve both USA and Canada.

No matter if you are in California, to Montana, to Nova Scotia, Ontario or BC, we are available to you across North America.

IGBC Certified Bear Resistant

Our range of IGBC certified Bear resistant containers were sent to West Yellowstone, Montana to be tested for Bear safety and resistance by real life Grizzly Bears. Our innovative Bear latch, paired with our durable materials and assembly process ensure we assist in protecting the bears we share our land with.

IGBC Certified
Bear Proof
Factory in Canada

Production Process

Our 65,000 sq/ft, vertically integrated manufacturing facility has been developed from the ground up to ensure efficient timelines, exceptional quality control and controllable cost.

Bear Proof or

Bear Resistant?

Are you in search of Bear Proof bins, only to find that we promote Bear Resistant bins instead? Here's why: Our Bear Resistant containers undergo rigorous testing by the IGBC, involving real bears, to ensure the highest level of resistance. However, due to the potential for human error—such as not securing the bins properly—there remains a slight chance that bears could access the contents. This is why we accurately describe our products as Bear Resistant rather than Bear Proof, emphasizing our commitment to transparency and the effectiveness of our solutions in wildlife management.

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