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"The Industry Standard"


Hid-A-Bag I
Waste and recycling bin
Hid-A-Bag II
waste, recycling and organics bin
Hid-A-Bag III

Collect waste, recycling & organics

Up-to three streams of collection

Durable, User-Friendly, Iconic

The Hid-A-Bag:  The Industry Standard

The Hid-A-Bag has become an iconic symbol of parks and recreation in shared wilderness locations across Canada and the U.S. 


It was the industry’s first bear-resistant container designed with a self-closing lid and bear resistant latch to eliminate the food reward that would come from breaching a container along park trails and remote wilderness locations.


Today, the Hid-A-Bag is more than a product for bear resistant applications. 


It is the only waste and recycling container to have earned trademark status in both Canada and U.S.  Even more remarkable, it is the only waste container (we know of) to have its own bona fide Fan Club, created by its user base.





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  • Introducing the Hid-A-Bag: An Epitome of Durability and Environmental Stewardship

    Discover the Hid-A-Bag waste and recycling bins, meticulously crafted from galvanneal steel. This special material not only offers an enhanced resistance to scratches and damage throughout its manufacturing but also ensures an enduring lifespan. Complemented by corrosion-defiant stainless steel hinges and a resilient powder-coat finish, this container promises unparalleled durability and a sleek, dense appearance that outperforms traditional liquid paint. For those seeking additional visual appeal, our optional finishes boast recycled poly wood siding and vibrant vinyl graphic wraps.

    User-Friendly Design with a Virtually Maintenance-Free Experience

    The Hid-A-Bag has been thoughtfully designed to ensure effortless usage and minimal maintenance. Featuring a self-closing top hinge loading door and a gravity latch on our BearTight models, convenience and reliability are at your fingertips. The side-hinge unloading door, equipped with a locking prop for enhanced safety and a hinged bag cage, effortlessly minimizes lifting and ensures bags remain securely positioned.

    Guarding Nature with Every Design

    Our Hid-A-Bag transcends beyond aesthetic and functional utility, standing as a dedicated guardian against nature's critters. From raccoons and squirrels to skunks and rodents, the standard models adeptly resist unwarranted entry from a variety of wildlife. Our BearTight models elevate this protection, skillfully keeping virtually all animals at bay while maintaining utmost user-friendliness for humans.

    Join us in a journey towards sustainability, durability, and unyielding protection against the wild, all encapsulated within our innovative Hid-A-Bag models.

"This single product has done more to save the lives of bears and people than any single thing I can think of"

Dr. Steven Herrero, Bear Biologist

Durability & Longevity

Our containers have an expected lifecycle exceeding 30 years to ensure your investment pays dividends over the long term and keeps maintenance to a minimum. 

This '27 Years Old' example is of our Hid-A-Bag model featuring liquid paint, before we switched to our superior powder paint method for greater durability and longevity. 

Bear resistant cans

IGBC Certified Bear Resistant

Our range of IGBC certified Bear resistant containers were sent to West Yellowstone, Montana to be tested for Bear safety and resistance by real life Grizzly Bears. Our innovative Bear latch, paired with our durable materials and assembly process ensure we assist in protecting the bears we share our land with.

IGBC Certified
Bear proof
Service bear bins

Fan Club

Join over 1000+ fans as a member of the Hid-A-Bag fan club

Canada and USA

Available Across North America

Haul-All is proud to serve both USA and Canada.

No matter if you are in California, to Montana, to Nova Scotia, Ontario or BC, we are available to you across North America.

Manufacturer of Waste & Recycling Containers

Servicing municipal, industrial and commercial customers, we offer you a strategic competitive advantage that often changes the market.

Bear proof bin

Bear Proof or

Bear Resistant?

Are you in search of Bear Proof bins, only to find that we promote Bear Resistant bins instead? Here's why: Our Bear Resistant containers undergo rigorous testing by the IGBC, involving real bears, to ensure the highest level of resistance. However, due to the potential for human error—such as not securing the bins properly—there remains a slight chance that bears could access the contents. This is why we accurately describe our products as Bear Resistant rather than Bear Proof, emphasizing our commitment to transparency and the effectiveness of our solutions in wildlife management.

Bears in Canada and USA