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"Commercial Sized Bear Resistance"

Waste, recycling and Organics Bin



Hyd-A-Way 2
Organics Bin
Hyd-A-Way 4.5
Waste Dumpster
Hyd-A-Way 6
Recycling Dumpster

Collect waste, recycling & organics

Up-to three streams of collection

Designed for durability & longevity

Introducing the Hyd-A-Way: Tailored for Versatility in Waste Management

The Hyd-A-Way series stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the realm of waste containment. Crafted through collaborative efforts with park and wildlife specialists, these models represent the pinnacle of bear-resistant waste management solutions, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern waste disposal.

Advanced, Durable Design for Longevity

At the core of the Hyd-A-Way's design is its robust construction. Made from high-grade galvanneal steel panels and finished with a durable powder paint, these containers are built to endure. The "No-Touch-To-Dump" collection method not only enhances the longevity of the units but also maintains their aesthetic appeal, ensuring they blend seamlessly into various environments.

Versatile Sizing and Compartmentalization

Understanding the varying needs of waste management, the Hyd-A-Way is available in three sizes: 2, 4, and 6 cubic yards. It offers the flexibility of single, dual*, and triple* compartment models, allowing for the collection of multiple refuse material streams in one unit. This adaptability makes it ideal for places requiring segregation of waste, recycling, and organics. For locales with higher waste volumes, grouping multiple single and/or multi-stream Hyd-A-Way containers maximizes efficiency and diversion capacity.

*Note: Dual and triple compartment models may not be available in all capacities.

Special Adaptation for Organics

In a move towards more sustainable practices, the 2-yard Hyd-A-Way model has been successfully adapted for organic waste collection, as reported by CBC News in the context of its implementation in Banff. This adaptation highlights the Hyd-A-Way’s capability in addressing the growing need for effective organic waste management.

Widely Accepted and Multi-Purpose

The Hyd-A-Way models are designed to be universally compatible, accepted by a majority of service and collection providers. This versatility extends to their usage, as they are adept for handling not just general waste, but also recycling and organics. Their user-friendly design, coupled with the ability to withstand environmental challenges, makes them an ideal choice for a variety of settings.

The Hyd-A-Way by Haul-All is not just a container; it's a comprehensive solution for modern waste management challenges. With its unparalleled durability, adaptability, and bear-resistant features, it stands as a testament to our commitment to providing environmentally responsible and user-friendly waste management solutions.






Speak with a specialist to discuss your use case and all available options

IGBC Certified Bear Resistant

Our range of IGBC certified Bear resistant containers were sent to West Yellowstone, Montana to be tested for Bear safety and resistance by real life Grizzly Bears. Our innovative Bear latch, paired with our durable materials and assembly process ensure we assist in protecting the bears we share our land with.

If you are looking for Bear Proof containers, then Bear Resistant is the industry standard term and how we are certified with North Americas authority on Bear testing.

IGBC Certified
Bear Proof

Available Across North America

Haul-All is proud to serve both USA and Canada.

No matter if you are in California, to Montana, to Nova Scotia, Ontario or BC, we are available to you across North America.

Manufacturer of Waste & Recycling Containers

Servicing municipal, industrial and commercial customers, we offer you a strategic competitive advantage that often changes the market.

Bear Bin
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