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"Hazardous Collection"


Medical Waste Bin


Calgary, Alberta
Medical Bin
Secure Waste Bin

Prevent access to dangerous goods

Stream separation for safe collection

Designed for durability & longevity

Optimized for Safe and Efficient Medical Waste Management


The Sentinel is an exemplary solution for the safe, convenient, and secure containment of medical waste. It is particularly suitable for EMT station sites, offering easy access for quick turnaround. The bin supports both general and bio-hazard waste separation, ensuring clean and safe on-site collection. It's designed for maximum efficiency in limited spaces, making it an ideal choice for healthcare settings.

Compact and Cost-Effective Design


The Sentinel stands out with its small footprint, significantly reducing development costs. It features a secure unload door lock handle and a plastic liner for safe waste collection. The dual-stream design enables material separation, and it comes in two sizes: 125 gallons (470L) and 70 gallons (265L). This award-winning design ensures both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Specialized Sharps Containment


Addressing the critical need for sharps disposal, the Sentinel includes a dedicated unit for sharps collection, complete with 3” diameter restrictor plates for secure containment. This feature is vital for preventing accidental injury and ensuring safe disposal of sharp medical instruments.

Durable and Secure Construction


Crafted from powder-painted galvanneal steel, the Sentinel enhances life cycle durability, complemented by stainless steel hinges. An optional concrete pad is available for added stability. This bin is equipped with a bio-hazard restrictor plate for additional security in sharps collection. With dimensions of 760 mm (30 inches) in length, 1,470 mm (58 inches) in width, and 1,423 mm (56 inches) in height, the Sentinel combines compact design with robust security






Speak with a specialist to discuss your use case and all available options

"This single product has done more to save the lives of bears and people than any single thing I can think of"

Dr. Steven Herrero, Bear Biologist

IGBC Certified Bear Resistant

Our range of IGBC certified Bear resistant containers were sent to West Yellowstone, Montana to be tested for Bear safety and resistance by real life Grizzly Bears. Our innovative Bear latch, paired with our durable materials and assembly process ensure we assist in protecting the bears we share our land with.

IGBC Certified
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Available Across North America

Haul-All is proud to serve both USA and Canada.

No matter if you are in California, to Montana, to Nova Scotia, Ontario or BC, we are available to you across North America.

Manufacturer of Waste & Recycling Containers

Servicing municipal, industrial and commercial customers, we offer you a strategic competitive advantage that often changes the market.

Factory in Lethbridge, Alberta

Production Process

Our 65,000 sq/ft, vertically integrated manufacturing facility has been developed from the ground up to ensure efficient timelines, exceptional quality control and controllable cost.

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